Suggested Aftercare

-Post Suspension Wound Care-

  1. Keep bandages on for around 2-4 hours after your body suspension.

  2. When you remove bandages, shower and wash wounds gently with a liquid anti-microbial soap (Dr.Bronners Tea Tree Soap/Provon).

  3. Pat wounds dry with a clean paper towel and re-bandage overnight.

  4. Remove bandages the morning after before your shower, and then in the shower gently clean the wound again.

  5. After your shower, pat wounds dry with something clean, single-use and disposable and only re-bandage if necessary.

– No Asprian for 30 days after suspension.

– Neosporin can be applied after scabs have formed to help reduce scarring.

– Blood spotting for a couple of days following your suspension is not unusual and can be expected. If you are concerned at all, feel free to contact us.

– Scabs will form around a week following your suspension. It is important to let these scabs come away by themselves and not to pick them – this will greatly reduce scarring.

– The healthier you are, the quicker you will heal. If your diet is less than ideal, consider taking a multi-vitamin.

– If you experienced tearing and needed sutures, ensure you keep the sutured wounds dry. Wet sutures can harbor bacteria and lead to infection. Make sure you contact us to remove the sutures 7-10 days following your suspension.

– You may experience subcutaneous emphysema after your suspension. This is trapped air underneath your skin and can make a popping noise when you move your joints. It can sometimes move quite a distance from your wounds, do not be alarmed by this as it is completely normal. It can also cause a bit of muscle ache but nothing overly painful. We recommend gentle massaging to relieve some of this pressure. If you have any concerns regarding your aftercare or how you are healing, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.


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