Ritual Flesh Suspension Performance Guidelines

Before contacting Ritual Flesh for a body suspension performance, we have laid out some general requirements of what we will need your venue to have in order for us to perform. These guidelines are sometimes flexible, please contact us if any of the requirements are a problem and we may be able to work with you to make other arrangements.

  • Attachment Point – This is where we will attach our rope and pulley system. Generally, this is a structural point within the venue such as an exposed rafter or beam. We attach our system with a webbing that will not damage the structure. There are no chains or bolts involved. The attachment point must be at least ten (10) feet off the ground and able to carry a working load of approximately one (1) ton. The height and space required may vary depending on the style of performance desired.
  • Ladder – Used to reach the attachment point, must be of an appropriate height to do so.
  • Piercing/Work area – We will need an area that can be maintained clean/dirt/spectator free space in which to perform piercing, set up rigging, and contain bio-hazardous waste. A non-porous chair is required. This area must be well lit and nearby but separate from the performance area. Please contact us for other arrangements if the piercing process is desired to be part of the show.
  • Clear Pathway – We require a clear pathway to and from the work area to the performance area. This can be done by marking off a predetermined pathway or by your venue staff/security clearing a path for our team. Running Water – For general hand washing and in the event of an emergency requiring running water.
  • Lighting – Lighting for both the work area and performance area must be adequate. Lighting can be adjusted for the mood of the performance, however, at all times we must be able to see what we are doing.

We will make every possible effort to work with you should any of these requirements be difficult for you to provide.

If you would like to book us for an event please go to our Facebook page and message us. Facebook links can be found near the top of the webpage.