Ritual Flesh House Rules

-For Suspendees-

This is to be considered as our terms and applies to everyone present. Violation of these terms could get you expelled from this and any future Ritual Flesh Suspension Team events.

Be Clean– We are literally getting under your skin; this intimacy is a lot more comfortable for both parties if the personal hygiene is looked after. Take a shower, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes.

Be Polite– We are sharing our time and making an effort to give you this event. If something is bothering you, Please address us in a polite manner. Be polite to your fellow participants, to the crew and to the spectators.

Be Sober– Alcohol and drugs are your own business, but not at this event. We can and will refuse to suspend anyone who’s under the influence of either.

Be Respectful– Treat your fellow participants and crew with respect. Listen to the people in charge. Please notify the crew if you DO NOT wish your photo to be taken.

Be Honest– Inform us of any health conditions (or other possible issues) as this could have serious effects on your suspension. We will handle any personal information with due discretion.

Be Generous– Some have suspended many times; others are doing it for the first time. Some find it easy and some find it very hard. Be supportive and lend a hand where it’s needed.

Be Active– Pay attention to your surroundings and what is going on around you. Help us to maintain a tidy and clean venue. Feel free to assist the volunteers in their tasks. Do not hesitate to inform the crew if you have suggestions or notice any violations of these rules.

Be Aware– There are sharp objects and contaminated equipment around. Pay attention to what might be near you. DO NOT touch anything. If in doubt, ask someone. Don’t touch anything with blood on it, not even your own blood.

Be Patient– Patience is a virtue; you just have to face it. There is waiting involved. Others will be waiting too, spend time catching up with friends or making new ones.

Be Cool– Do not stress. Do not shout. Do not run. Do not argue. Do not nag. Do not complain. Enjoy yourself.