Ritual Flesh Suspension Team was founded in Bloomington IL in 2011. Over the years we have grown into three chapters of body suspension teams in Illinois, Kentucky, and Colorado. We are comprised of a close knit family of body suspension practitioners from all walks of life. Ritual Flesh has taken our love of body suspension coast to coast, from New York to Los Angeles. We are an ever-evolving group of body suspension practitioners and welcome anyone interested in body suspension to attend our meets.

All three chapters of Ritual Flesh pride themselves in being a part of one of the most established, active, and well-respected body suspension groups in the US. We pride ourselves in bringing our core values of safety, professionalism, respect, and fun to each body suspension experience.

For Ritual Flesh team members body suspension is an experience we are deeply passionate about. We love introducing interested parties to body suspension, whether it be watching a member of our team suspend or helping you with your first suspension. We believe that anyone can suspend and are excited to share our passion with those who are curious. Our team offers indoor and outdoor body suspensions for private parties, groups, and performances. Ritual Flesh hosts regular events open to the public, including our much anticipated annual Ritual Flesh Retreat, held each year over Memorial Day weekend.