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Here at Ritual Flesh we pride ourselves on a relaxed, hygienic and safe body suspension experience for all those wanting to suspend, for whatever reason you choose. Whether you're a frequent flyer or first timer, we are here to facilitate your suspension so you can gain the most from it.

For Ritual Flesh team members body suspension is more than a whim, it is an experience they are passionate about. We are a close-knit family who specializes in introducing interested persons to the experience of body suspension, whether it be watching a member of our team suspend or helping you with your first body suspension. We believe that anyone can suspend and are excited to share our passion with those who are curious. Our team offers indoor and outdoor body suspensions for private parties,groups, and performances. Ritual Flesh hosts regular events open to the public, be sure to check the website and go give our Facebook a like and look out for updates on upcoming events.